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2005 marks the start of the most important enterprise we shall ever conduct...And it won't make us a penny. To reflect growing Global concerns about Climate Change we now offer our current and future Clients a 'Carbon Neutral' Service. Our head Office at Krofire House is now powered by Solar Power......

Krofire House - Solar Power Station

  • In August 2005 Krofire House had Photovoltaics Installed
    • Solar Energy globally is potentially equal to 1.54 peta kWh/year (that is 1,540 followed by fifteen zeroes)
    • 1.54 peta kWh/year is 15,000 times more than human electrical consumption in a year
    • Alexandre-Edmond Bequerel first discovered the photo voltaic effect in 1839
    • Photo-voltaic cells generate electricity from sunlight (of course) - even when it is cloudy. The Krofire Solar Power Station should generate well over 1000 units per year, roughly a quarter of our requirements
    • When we generate more than we need we sell the excess back to the Power Company at 0.05p/Unit plus the installation qualifies for roughtly two Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROC's) per year at about 49 each. ROC's are part of the Government's Carbon Trading scheme.
  • The results so far:
    • Thru 2005, 2006 and 2007 we have been measuring the performance of this system.
    • Coupled with other (smaller) energy saving schemes (such as Energy Saving light bulbs) we have saved 36% off our direct electric Bill
    • What is more we are earning between 80 and 100 back off our supplier every year at wholesale prices
    • Conservatively we estimate that means the Solar Panels actually provide 50 to 60% of all our Electricity requirements
    • This is working ar better than our wildest dreams
    • Our Electricity Supplier (NPower) wanted to fit an Export Meter but failed. They claimed there was insufficient room in the Meter Box!
    • However, we have fitted our own "Electrisave" device (see which clearly shows the power being generate NET of our own needs. (Ironicaly it can't show the direction of Elecricity travel.)
    • At midday on any sunny day the Electrisave shows us pumping out over 1kw of power back into the Grid

What the Photo-Voltaic Installation looks like

PV0718.jpg (168168 bytes)This side of the roof is south facing. Note that the Solar Panels only cover about half of the available space. There is plenty of room left for a future upgrade with further panels. The panels themselves only stop generating power at night. They will generate power all year around. PV0720.jpg (141880 bytes)Here we see the panels looking the other direction. At this point the gentlemen from Chiltern Future Energy had finished and left the site. The Scaffolders did not come round to retrieve their poles until the following week
PV0728.jpg (50908 bytes)The Fronius Inverter mounted on the end wall in the Attic. It has two isolating switches, one in (DC) and one out (AC). The Inverter matches the Voltage and AC Frequency to that of the local Mains supply allowing us to sell excess energy back to the Power Company. PV0727.jpg (102893 bytes)The Mains Junction Box where the AC joins the National Grid and the Krofire House Power Supply. Hence the energy can flow into Krofire House or out to the National Grid if we use less than is generated.

More Information

  • The Installation at Krofire House consists of:
    • 12 x 125Wp Kyocera Polycrystalline modules (total of 1.5 kWp) - [kWp = kilo-watt peak] at a total cost of 4560
    • They were installed by Chiltern Future Energy, Broad Oak, Rignall Road, Great Missenden, Buckinhamshire, HP16 9PE
    • An 'Inverter' is also required that converts the Direct Current (DC) from the Solar Cells into Alternating Current (AC) at the same frequency and voltage as Mains. Chiltern Future Energy installed a Fronius IG15 Inverter at a cost of 1180
    • The rest of the costs were for roof fixings, module framing, scaffolding and display meter plus Mechanical and Electrical Installation came to 1495
    • With VAT at 5% the total cost came to 7596.75 but half the cost is covered by a Government Grant from the Energy Savings Trust (EST). Contact the EST at 21 Dartmouth Street, London W1H 9BP Tel: 020 7222 0101 Fax: 020 7654 2444
    • Our installation went in over the first week of August 2005 after some delays by both the Scaffolders and the Solar Cell deliveries
PV0722.jpg (200946 bytes)



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