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During April 2004 Krofire returned to TAKE2Interactive in Windsor, Berskhire, UK. This New York based Computer Games Manufacturer & Distributor requested our help with a forthcoming split within their European internal Business structure. Krofire had worked with "T2I" originally in October 2003 through our friends at Unity Enterprise Solutions. This time around we were invited to work with T2I through our close association with Xtreme-IT Resource Ltd of Wraysbury in Middlesex, UK. We last worked with Xtreme-IT whilst at Quadriga in Theale, Berkshire, UK.


22nd April 2004

Krofire Inventorises QuadrigaQuadriga


QuadrigaIn early February Krofire started what would turn out to be a three week assignment to help out Quadriga Worldwide Ltd. Based in Theale, Berkshire (near Reading M4 Jnc 12). Quadriga use JDEdwards OneWorld Xe and needed the Inventory system updating with its Parts Database to support future moves in Purchase Order Management as well as SOP & DRP. Krofire was asked to review the system and make recommendations. We engaged Quadriga through our contacts at Xtreme-IT Resource Ltd. Quadriga are in the multi-media entertainments Business specialising in Hotel Room Video & Internet On Demand systems & content. Krofire wishes to thank Paul Sayer and Maria Roberts for their time in hosting this work.


26th February 2004

Krofire helps Voith Fabrics


In the middle of January 2004 Krofire drove up to Lancashire in the UK to spend three days with Voith Fabrics. Voith are an international JDEdwards (PeopleSoft) OneWorld Xe (Enterprise One) user across Manufacturing, Distribution and Financials. Their business is the Manufacture and Distribution of Conveyor Belt Fabrics. Krofire attended their large factory site in Blackburn after Voith contacted NonStop Recruitment Ltd asking for help with their Planning processes. Although MRP had been implemented in the U.S. they were still struggling with it in the UK. They had budgetted three days for the work but it took only the equivalent of one day to work through all of the issues they had. This is the power of experience. We covered some problem solving in the areas of Forecasting and Integrities and then introduced the possibilities of using MRP and Kanbans. The sessions we had were very successful and went much quicker than the Voith staff had planned for. We were able to get to the core of the requirement and explain the functions of the system without treading up any blind alleys. Krofire wishes to thank Dr Rosemary Lane for hosting our visit.


15th January 2004

Krofire performs Sales Demo for United Business Machines


In early November 2003 Krofire returned to the Middle East with a short trip to Jordan. During the Holy Month of Ramadan we were invited to the country by our friends at United Business Machines ("UBM") who are the local Business Partner for JDEdwards. UBM were demonstrating the Plant & Equipment and Customer Service Management modules to a potential Customer in the Electrical Power distribution business. UBM had no resource to hand, for that day, so they gave us a call. The Krofire Consultant flew in through Damascus in Syria before staying two nights in Amman. The demonstration was setup at UBM's Office in Amman and lasted around 6 hours. We wish UBM luck in its continued business ventures.


11th November 2003


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