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Tool or Die

There was a time when children learnt arts and crafts. Boys & girls grew up with a range hobbies involving making things with their hands. Using your hands meant more than finding the kill button on your Gameboy. People knew how to mend and make do rather than just shop. We used to save-up for things we needed. People have slowly de-skilled & lost all self-reliance.


Now we spurn saving & basic skills in favour of the debt & the 'throwaway'. Why would anyone need to know how to make anything? If your stuff breaks just chuck it away and buy a new one on Credit. Rampant Consumerism has replaced all other values. It has left our lives empty and detached from our community. If we are to adjust to a slower, less energy-intensive existence then we will need to find something better to do with out time than watch TV. Without self-reliance we are fragile and any minor upset causes collapse and failure. We need to get tough. Read on...


Your Next Ten Steps

Your To Do List
  • Organise
  • Powerdown
  • Recycle
  • Substitute
  • Stay
  • Generate
  • Grow
  • Invest
  • Make
  • Community

The Coming New Reality

Learn How to Use These "Make" is the penultimate step of the Ten Step journey. It is the one step that is the most closely aligned to a philosophical ideal than a practical "thing to do". Traditional "greens" earn their wishy-washy, tree-hugging, reputation precisely from this rejection of so called "material" values. Instead they turn to "spiritual" values to fill the void - this immediately alienates a large portion of the Post-Carbon community. Those in to Post-Carbon Living are sensible folks who want concrete solutions.


So what is this all about? Is it possible to reject materialism without embracing spiritualism? Absolutely! Spiritualism is a purely personal and subjective field that we leave to the individual to decide. It is a matter of conscience but it is not a solution to material problems other than as a diversion from normal needs and wLearn to Fix Somethingants. "Make" covers a variety of concepts around a central idea that we must take responsibility for meeting our own requirements and ensuring our own security. Filling our time with this activity is in itself fulfilling and replaces some of the things we use to think we needed from others.


This requirement is a theme throughout the ten steps. Let us make "Make" the roundup of any topics that fall outside of the other nine steps. This address's our rejection of disposability in society. Just as we reject Globalisation for Localisation and Resource Depletion for Sustainability we must also embrace the things we make ourselves and cast out our non-essential dependence upon others (apart from our families and community).


This can manifest itself in the modern world as how we use our spare time. If you can only count your hobbies as shopping and watching Television then you have a long, long journey ahead of you. Be warned! This is not for the feint-hearted. It is very much a plague of our times that our 'spare' time is filled with quite empty and meaningless 'activity' that wastes our time.

Learn To Make SomethingAs we live in a time of plenty (the calm before the storm) this is no immediate need to suddenly learn how to weave baskets but we must implore people to develop a side of their personality that lies dormant. It is dormant in our modern world because it represents a set of values that have been so belittled and undermined that they are largely meaningless to most of the population. Indeed, never has the phrase "bread and circuses" meant as much to our western civilisation. Our entire culture is orientated around worshipping trivia and making little of important skills.


These skills are:


  • Being able to make something

  • Being able to save up money

  • Geting out of debt

  • Non-addiction to consumerism

  • Surviving with less


These are not "trendy" and they are not "cool". This is detoxification. This is unhooking yourself from the Consumer society and re-aligning your goals and value-system. Power Elites and Governments have no interest in individuals who are not addicted to the system and they will encourage you to forsake these basic skills. Learn otherwise....


Low Carbon Man
  • We give Making NO thumbs down because we can find nothing wrong with this whatsoever.

  • We give Making four thumbs up because we could all do with a lot less consumption.

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