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Stay - Relocalisation without the Car

Breath Easy Without Traffic

'Staying' bit has to do with day-to-day matters of mechanised Transport.


How far do you fly and drive in a year? How far can you fly and drive in the price doubled? And doubled again? Then again? And again? What if the cost of moving you around truly internalised the actual cost of Fossil Fuels? How much would you be willing to pay by this concept of 'freedom' that is our modern idea of mobility?


Let us be clear, the 'Western' (ie, rich, Northern, industrialised) idea of Travel, Commuting and Holidays are completely alien to the majority of our human species (ie, the poor in southern, part-industrialised nations). Affluence is not an excuse. It has no future.





Your Next Ten Steps

  • Subscribe to a vegetable box scheme and get all of your shopping delivered.
  • Walk more, take a bus or train
  • Plan your holiday somewhere local
  • Buy a bicycle if you don't have one - then use it
  • Your To Do ListOrganise
  • Powerdown
  • Recycle
  • Substitute
  • Stay
  • Generate
  • Grow
  • Invest
  • Make
  • Community


The Coming New Reality

The Last Barrel...The affluent concept of Mechanised Transport as a 'right' in rich, northern, countries is a relatively new and evolving phenomena. Our ideas of a 'right' have been communicated by numerous elected Governments who sold us on the idea that our personal freedoms knew no boundaries. So we just kept building roads. And everyone has a car - often two. The more roads we build the more we fill them with cars.


The environmentalists tell us that the reason we fill our roads with cars is because we keep building capacity. This is half the truth. The other half of this sad reality is that we keep consuming more and more transport because Western Nations have become increasingly affluent. We have more income and the cost of personal travel by car falls. So we consume more of it and everyone is happy.


This is temporary. Such Western societies are like some early daredevil with a pair of wings strapped to his arms. He has jumped of a cliff and, for a moment, he thinks he can fly. In reality he is falling. Which takes us neatly to Air Transport. Never has a field of human transport grown so rapidly yet needed curtailing so quickly. It is the biggest growing contributor of Green House Gases (GHG) whilst the high atmosphere nature of each flight means that the GHG have 2 to 3 times the Global Warming effect of the same GHG at street level.


The Only Way is DownNot only do we not externalise the Fossil Fuel Cost of our Air Transport we actually subsidise it. The Fuel is not subject to taxation like other forms of transport whilst the Governments of Europe give the green flag to airport expansions programs. There is no future in mass mechanised transport. It will be rationed and taxed off the face of the Earth. We either do it voluntarily or we wait for the cheap oil to run out.


Post-Carbon Living suggest that its members give up flying for good. If you can, walk. If not walk then cycle. If not cycle then take a Bus or Train. Cars and Planes have no future. Stay at home. Find work close to home. Shop close to home. Live close to family & friends if that is important to you. Western Societies are organised around the Car hence everything is too far away. If everyone started using local services then we create the new 'norm'. The market will respond by providing local services.

Introducing - The Bicycle

Did you know the energy efficiency of cycling is estimated to be the equivalent of a car doing 1600 miles per gallon? Cycling contributes no green house gas emissions and it uses no precious fossil fuels.  At least half of all car journeys are short enough to have been cycled. The amount of steel used in bicycle manufacture is LESS than 2% of that found in a SMALL car! Around ten million cars and trucks  (plus 250 million tyres) are dumped annually. Bikes are far easier to repair and take up far less space in storage and disposal.


Low Carbon Man

  • Relocalisation? Sounds difficult.

  • Relocalisation is essential as it reduces vulnerability. We need to be able to trade in depth.

  • "Ethical Consumer" Magazine EC109 Nov/Dec 2007 pages 20 & 21 for Bicycle purchase advice. (To subscribe go to www.ethicalconsumer.org)