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Post-Carbon Living was launched in August 2009 from the ashes of the original Carbon-Cutters.com web site. Carbon Cutters came into existence in March 2007 recording work dating back to 2002.


In this section you can find a brief profile of this web-site's creator and learn about the many post-carbon hats he wears.


"We dig up the past to give us a present we cannot afford; so we steal from our children to pay for it." Lead, follow or get out of the way.

We made this

Mark & Milla one Sunny DayPost-Carbon Living is the brain-child of one man: Mark Brown (born 1969, Suffolk, England). He hails from a rural background - his family were farmers. Mark is not an environmentalist but is a businessman, Director and sole employee of an IT Business Consultancy. He graduated from University in 1991 with a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering and was a Chartered Engineer with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. At University Mark was active in Conservative Student politics but has had no political affiliation since that time. He has travelled widely with his business covering the USA, Europe, Middle East and Central Asian Republics.


In September 2001 events in the USA caused Mark to conclude that fossil fuels make the world go round & scarcity would drive man to inhumanity. Climate Change would only make this inhumanity worse. Since becoming a father Mark has devoted his life to ensuring that his childrens' lives would no longer be blighted by fossil fuels.




  • 2005 he installed photovoltaics panels on his fledgling post-carbon superhome

  • 2007 he founded the carbon-cutters.com website - an attempt at a carbon reduction action group

  • 2008 co-founded and became chairman of Transition Town High Wycombe

  • 2009 Carbon Cutters scrapped and replaced by the current Post-Carbon Living enterprise

  • 2009 Mark wins the Transition Town High Wycombe a seat on the Wycombe Strategic Partnership

  • 2010 Mark's work is recognised with grants for a Local Food Guide and Energy Saving Kits for the Library

  • 2010 Mark presented to Ecobuild alongside Rob Hopkins

  • 2010 his 2nd retrofit home became Britain's 59th Superhome

  • 2010/2011 coordinated the High Wycombe Thermal Imaging project

  • 2011 he chaired a debate on the "Economics of Happiness" with Steve Baker MP at the Bucks New University

  • 2012 joined the committee of the Low Carbon Chilterns Co-operative with special responsibility for Marketing

  • 2015 elected Chairman of the Low Carbon Chilterns Co-operative


After a spell of three years Chairing Transition Town High Wycombe Mark stepped down to become Energy Group Coordinator in 2011. He was still the public face of Transition Town High Wycombe until 2013 represented the organisation on the Wycombe District Council's Strategic Partnership's Environment Sub-Group and Community Carbon Taskforce.


Mark has authored four key consultancy documents:


  • 2008 "Sustainable Economic Prosperity Strategy" Discussion Document

  • 2009 "Carbon Reduction and the Community" Report

  • 2011 "Our Energy Transformation - A Response to the DECC Microgeneration Consultation"

  • 2011 "Wycombe's Energy Transformation and the Big Society in Bucks" Evidence for the joint Councils Review


Mark has also been the prolific author of almost every Newsletter, Presentation, Poster, Film and Factsheet published by Transition Town High Wycombe. He blogs and publishes book reviews on post-carbon-living web site under the name of "Post-carbon Man". [The Post-Carbon Man blog has been promoted by Tony Juniper & Rob Hopkins on Twitter and quoted in an article online by Grist.]


Mark is active on Twitter as @PostCarbonLife with 2000+ followers (http://www.twitter.com/PostCarbonLife) as well managing the Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/PostCarbonLife) and a YouTube Channel. Since 2013 Mark has managed the Facebook, YouTube Channel and Twitter accounts for Low Carbon Chilterns (LCChilternsC) and contributes to managing the Facebook page for the Local Food Group. He also administers the Food On Our Doorstep Wordpress site which he hosts on this web site.


The http://www.post-carbon-Living.com and the http://www.post-carbon-living.com/TTWycombe websites were developed and maintained by Mark. He also maintains a professional web site at http://www.krofire.com and a hobby site at http://www.small-wonder.org. You can find his model-making hobbies online on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/SmallWonderMark), on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/smallwondermodels) and on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/modelsmallwonder).




  • A picture of Mark can be found on page 204 of the 2011 book by Rob Hopkins "The Transition Companion" (ISBN 978 1 900322 97 3).

  • The post-carbon-living web site is listed as a reference on page 226 of the 2010 book by Chris Bird "Local Sustainable Homes" (ISBN 978 1 900322 76 8).

  • Mark is quoted in the 2010 book by Alex Rowell "Communities, Councils & a Low-Carbon Future" (ISBN 978 1 900322 65 2) pages 54 & 55.


As well as donating articles and letters to several local publications Mark has been quoted in several national newspapers including:


  • an article on Superhomes from November 2012 in the Mail on Sunday (with picture)

  • the Sunday Telegraph in September 2010 (concerning the lending of Energy Saving Kits)


In May 2014 the Mark's Post-Carbon Living "Ten Steps" will be featured in a new book to be published by the Institute of Education Press called "Educating for Hope in Troubled Times" by David Hicks (visiting Professor Bath Spa University). You can learn more about this at www.teaching4abetterworld.co.uk.


Mark is employed full time by his own business. He is married with two children.


A few key thoughts drive Mark's work:


  • Everything is about to change - the human enterprise must change direction
  • These changes will be realised in most of our lifetimes
  • These changes will be very disruptive
  • The changes extend beyond our use of technology - they extend to how we live our lives
  • It no longer matters where you stand on the debate about Man-Made Climate Change
  • Decarbonisation of our economy is, and always has been, utterly inevitable
  • This is an opportunity not a threat


In previous times we had the luxury of sidelining these uncomfortable truths into the arms of the "environmentalists". As a rational man, a Businessman, a Professional Engineer and a Technologist, Mark realised it was time to take back the future from a movement that was so disconnected from the mainstream. This is not a hobby or an interest no more than "death & taxes" are. it is inevitable. Since we will all have to deal with it then no one sector of society will be able to cope nor offer direction.


We must all lead, follow, or get out of the way.

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